How Gamification Can Help You Train Better

Gamification: What is it?

Keeping all of your users up-to-date with IT training, while extremely challenging, is absolutely essential for all organizations. Users of all ages often struggle to remain engaged during important IT training initiatives. Gamification – or the utilization of games and employee competition to make IT training more “fun” – is a new method used by trainers to increase employee attentiveness. Recently, many well-known organizations, including Deloitte and the U.S. Department of Defense, incorporated gamification techniques into their employee onboarding and IT training programs and witnessed improved levels of employee engagement.

Key Benefits of Gamification

Gamification is a virtual training technique and, as such, does not require employees to leave the office or their workplace for lengthy training seminars. Although corporate seminars are useful in certain situations, the gamification of corporate training enables employees to train conveniently at their workplace in their spare time. CIO Magazine Online describes how Deloitte allowed its employees to train easily at their desks by creating the online game portal “Deloitte Leadership Academy.” Deloitte Digital, the department responsible for implementing this gamification initiative, witnessed a 47 percent increase in the number of employees who participated in training on a daily basis after the web portal was gamified.

The gamification of IT training also allows for employees to engage in friendly competition. Most employees desire to compete in one way or another at work. Giving virtual awards such as points or badges to employees who win training games helps to increase both their engagement and excitement. Offering small awards like gift cards to employees who participate the most can increase engagement even further.

Lastly, gamification gets employees directly involved in the new technology and software that IT wants them to master, and allows them to repeatedly practice using the new tools. Other training methods, such as seminars, do not always provide the necessary incentives for repeated practice.


The gamification of IT training can help any organization achieve increased levels of employee engagement and knowledge retention. Although this type of training does require significant resource investments that might hinder small organizations from implementing such initiatives, training gamification encourages employees to stay up-to-date with important software developments. Technology users at many organizations may be getting their jobs done, but after learning to master technology through games, users will be even more productive.

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