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Download our custom solutions guide to find out more about how we can help your users absorb the information they need when they need it.

People respond best when they receive relevant content that they can access quickly.

All too often, project teams send out volumes of unnecessary information in ineffective formats to employees. Far too much of this information is delivered as manuals, in lengthy emails, and in memos.

The problem is that project teams tend to insulate themselves from the people they are delivering the content to. This is often made worse by the perfectly natural inclination for team members to feel that every single detail is relevant when immersed in a project, resulting in the team being indiscriminate when sending out information.

No wonder users often respond so poorly! Remember, what seems relevant to you may not be relevant to an end user. All too often documents are full of technical jargon that is meaningless to most, and is frequently delivered in a platform that’s neither useful nor accessible.

What does Nevada do to help you?

To ensure nothing is lost in translation between the project team and the user, Nevada partners with the team to accomplish the three following necessary tasks. First, we seek to understand what the project team is trying to do. Second, we focus on the key message that is trying to be delivered.

After collecting this information, we look to change perspective and try to think about what’s important from a employee/user standpoint. The content is then broken down into information that needs to be known in a particular situation, before generating that Information with a task-based, transactional focus.

Delivering this task-based information is precisely what sparked the pioneering of Nevada Learning Series’ software Quick Reference Guides back in 1994.

Custom Software Guides

Nevada will not only customize our existing generic guides but, using our unique approach, Nevada can also build company-specific software guides from the ground up. These custom guides help to smoothen out the transition for new users and ensure software success.

Custom non-IT guides

In the past year, we have made an effort to broaden our reach into non-IT related information topics, branching out into areas of health education, veteran services, and developing customized employee handbooks, with our focus remaining on large government agencies and organizations with a workforce of 10,000 or more employees. Those handbooks are just the latest edition to a range of offered packaging formats that continues to include our traditional printed guides.

Accelerator guides

As a further enhancement to Nevada’s extensive selection of reference products, our development team has recently created a collection of new custom Accelerator Guides, crafted in response to those many deflating moments of disorientation we all feel when faced with software migration and the implementation of new software tools. The intent of these guides is they cut right to the chase in highlighting the important new features of any given piece of software and, more importantly, how it can be easily applied to further enhance the workflow of the end user. Our custom Accelerator guides will seek to explain the purpose of the software migration, dividing their focus between actual software instruction and the connection of that software to broader corporate needs, offering a much clearer understanding of how to best make those new tools work for its users. The goal is simple – making a smooth transition from the old to the new an unmitigated success.

You can browse our gallery of custom samples below or read on for an in-depth breakdown of our customization process

The Nevada Customization Process:

Nevada’s Customization Process involves the following steps:

  • Assessment – All involved parties, including the Director of Customization, Director of Production, Sales Director and Account Executive meet with the client’s project team to assess their needs. Content, format, timelines and costs are all discussed so that the Customization and Production teams can come up with the best possible solution to meet the client’s requirements. Once all elements are agreed upon, a proposal is created and the project begins.
  • Draft Preparation – Based on the outcome of the Assessment, the Production and Customization teams begin working on the project. Drafts are submitted to the client for approval, and any changes that may be required are sent back. This process continues until all parties are satisfied with the product.
  • Project Finalization – Once the client is satisfied that the product has met their requirements, approval is given by signing each page of the product. Nevada completes the project by going to print, or preparing and packaging PDFs, and delivering the final product to the client.

From your initial call to your finished guides arriving at your door, the process can take as little as 3 weeks or up to 9 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project.

Customization Requirements:
Nevada requires a written commitment of 5000 or more units to produce a Customized Guide. However, this requirement may vary, depending on the nature of your project. For more information, please contact your account executive at 1-800-256-8489, or complete a Customization Assessment Form.


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